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The Greek Commission of Large Dams invites its members to contribute with their time, effort and expertise and participate in the Working Groups that have been established or to suggest interesting topics for establishing new working groups.

The working groups that have been established so far and the members of each group are the following:


Working Group "Drafting Specifications for Emergency Situation Plans "(members: D.Georgiopoulos, G.Kastranta, S.Lazaridou, D.Nikolaou).

The group uploaded the link (in Greek) and set into public debate its proposal on the issue.


Working Group "Criteria for the Selection of Seismic Excitement in the Context of the Antiseismic Design of Large Dams in the Hellenic Area" (members: T.Anastasiadis, N.Klimis, B.Margaris, A.Papadimitriou, H.Papaioannou)

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Working Group "Determination of Flood Selection Criteria on the Design of Dams" (members: G. Kouvopoulos, A.Pistrikas, A.Rambias, I.Stefanakos, P.Tsira)

The group uploaded the final result of its work to the link (in Greek).

Working Group "List of Great Greek Dams" (members: S. Lazaridou, G. Birbilis, M. Nifakou, R. Papapatzaki, E.Rambias, S. Sarla, P.Tsira, P.Chorianopoulos)

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Working Group "Technical terminology of dams". (members: E.Kaltsa, D.Lampropoulos, N.I.Moutafis, A.Pistrika, S.Siachou)

The group uploaded the link .Most of the ICOLD's technical dictionary about dams is translated.

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Working Group "ModifÚcation of the Statute of the GCOLD" (members: K.Anastasopoulos, A. Bensasson, D.Nikolaou):

The group has completed its work. Taking into consideration the proposal of the competent working group as well as the proposals and comments of the members of the GCOLD on the modification of its statutes, the Member Board has reached the final version of the text to be discussed and endorsed by the General Assembly (to be held in January 2013). Read this text at the link (in Greek).

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Working group "Drafting a Presidential Decree of the Administrative Authority of Dams" (members: K.Anastasopoulos, N.I.Moutafis, D.Nikolaou, G.Ntounias):

This group has completed its work. Read the proposed draft law at http: // \ DAF.pdf and learn more about the subject by attending the relevant conference organized by GCOLD on 7 June 2011 (more on the "News-Events-Activities" page ).


You can also find out about the existing ICOLD technical committees at

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